about us

 I was born in 1977 and I started playing with cameras around age 9.

After having worked for more than 10 years as a television writer, I have directed a short musical film – “Vucciria”, 2011 – and then I made my first feature documentary (with Luca) – “One year’s remainder”, 2012 – screened in China, United States, Canada,  around E.U. countries: it was the moment when I founded “Hullabaloop” with my friends. My dog is called Assuntina and I’m obsessed by images; right now I’m probably thinking  - if I'm not already doing it  - about the next thing to film

I was born 1971 and  I’ve been working as an editor for twenty years, specialized

in television dramas.

The passion for good stories and beautiful images brought me to work with Michele in music videos and serial documentaries for the italian television.

My favorite team is the A.C. Milan and I’m specialized in cooking over low heat

I was born in Rome in 1978. Theater author, screenwriter and script consultant, copywriter, musician, journalist. The first time I met Hullabaloop it was a glorious sunny day (it was about 11:23). I often lose keys and cellphones, and I smoke more cirgarettes than as many I should. But, one day I’ll quit.


On losing keys, I mean

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