What we do

“Hullabaloop” is a creative group  based in Italy,

that likes to experiment new formats and languages.


We realize original documentaries, short fiction products, Web and TV formats, with the aim of expanding quality of language and finding new ways of communicating with audiovisual


Our latest  production - the "I am" series -

has been on-aired in prime-time on the SKY ARTE tv channel, into the Sky Italia network

owned by 21st Century Fox. We are now producing its second season and two new series.


(what we are proud of)

where weve been filming

Hullabaloop is based in Italy

and travels all around. A lot

why hullabaloop?

"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief", says B. Dylan. 


We think that sometimes, to propose something new

in the middle of this huge amount of images and sounds that surrounds us,

it should be good to set something in motion; "hullabaloo" means

to make some noise to call attention.

Possibly, without stopping.

That's why we combined "hullabaloo" to the term "loop",

which is a structure or a process in which the end is connected to the beginning

 in an endless movement.


We are Hullabaloop: we try to constantly propose something new,

telling the stories we meet.


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